/ मौसम विवरण (Weather Forecast) | खुम्बु पासाङल्हामु गाउँपालिका(Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality)
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मौसम विवरण (Weather Forecast)

Weather Synopsis in the country context: 


(1) Satellite Imagery info: 

01Nov: Clear morning over High Himalaya except at very few places. Some aftn clouds are shown to grow Eastwards of 

Dhaulagiri-Annapurna-Manaslu but in the Southwards and then to Eastwards along mid-mountains and Eastern High Himalaya. 


(2) 02Nov: Weather would remain largely dry and better morning over most parts of Nepal but some day clouds may develop, 

especially in the mid-mountains and very smaller risks of brief aftn-evng and Precipitation at one or two Places of the mid-mountains and 

Khumbu regions but not very significant system. 

Some high level Thin clouds from West India may be Wind driven towards Nepal above 6500m-7000m at evening-night. 


(3) 03-04Nov: A small "Western Disturbance" from Western India moving closer to Western Himalaya may produce some increased clouds 

in the Western regions of Nepal (Westwards of Annapurna-Dhaulagiri) and risks 

of one or two periods of short Snow-falls above freezing level (more in focus: Westwards of Annapurna region). 

Elsewhere, Little increase in clouds are to be noted and smaller risk of short Precipitation at one or two places of Mid-mountains and High Himalaya

but not of significant weather importance or may be little cloud increase only. 


(4) 05-06Nov: Better mornings. No significant weather system to be noted but some Day clouds to grow locally and smaller risk of brief light 

Precipitation (Rain or Snow) at one or two Places of the mid-mountains and getting better at nights. 


(5) 07-09Nov: A small Western Disturbance from West of India may increase the chances of one or two periods of Sn-falls over Westwards of Dhaulagiri 

towards Far-west High Himalaya (more in Focus: 08-09Nov) with little increase of clouds elsewhere. 


(6) Weather system development over Bay of Bengal on or about 10Nov is indicated but too early for any indication of its movement and 

forecast as of now. 


Freezing Level: about 4100m to 4300m. Temperature at 5000m: about -03C to 05C.